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Hijacking, murder-suicide… or shot down by the US: As Malaysia considers backing a new search for...

The Daily Mail 04 Mar 2024
Satellite data showed the plane deviated from its flight path to head over the southern Indian Ocean, where it is believed to have crashed ... A private search in 2018 by US-based marine robotics company Ocean Infinity also found nothing.

Signs found of worryingly fast Antarctic ice melt

NewstalkZB 03 Mar 2024
The ice-breaking ship the RV (Research Vessel) Laura Bassi returned to New Zealand waters on Saturday morning after two months in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, which is part of the Southern Ocean ... Supplied/ Starboard Maritime Intelligence.

World-First Bans On Octopus Farming Are Being Considered By Some US States

IFL Science 29 Feb 2024
Octopus farming leads to suffering and sickness for one of the more intelligent and feeling animals in our oceans,” representative Strom Peterson who sponsored the bill said in a statement.

AI-Enabled Study Reveals Alarming Decline in North Pacific Humpback Whale Population

Cryptopolitan 29 Feb 2024
A recent study published in Royal Society Open Science has shed light on a concerning trend in the humpback whale population of the North Pacific Ocean ... and disrupted oceanic productivity globally.

Some intelligent civilizations could be trapped on their worlds

Phys Dot Org 28 Feb 2024
But what about other planets? If the dominant species on an ocean world builds a technological civilization of some sort, would they be able to escape their ocean home and explore space? ... Imagine an ocean world that's home to an intelligent species.

AI the new obsession for venture capital investing

The Jakarta Post 28 Feb 2024
... a year ago, Silicon Valley investors have gone into overdrive with artificial intelligence, looking for the newest blockbuster idea in an ocean of hype and overpromising.

Secret UAE Involvement in Protecting Israeli Shipping: Air Defense Installations in Yemen

Watan 28 Feb 2024
The UAE and Israel have established a military and intelligence base on Abdul Kuri Island, part of the Socotra Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, with an area of ​​133 square kilometers.

Some Intelligent Civilizations Will Be Trapped on their Worlds

Universe Today 27 Feb 2024
We have no way of knowing if other Extraterrestrial Intelligences (ETIs) exist or not ... What could life for an intelligent species be like on a Fishbowl world? ... Imagine an ocean world that’s home to an intelligent species.

80 years after USS Arizona sank at Pearl Harbor, its legacy continues with new submarine

Azcentral 27 Feb 2024
Over 80 years ago, the U.S ... USS Arizona BB-39 will 'never be forgotten' ... Along with patrolling the world's oceans, the ship's primary duties will also include anti-submarine warfare and intelligence-gathering operations ... Gov.

Lucas: Call it an invasion

Boston Herald 26 Feb 2024
A Chinese Liberation Army infantry division is made up of 12,000 men ... They make up a third Chinese Army division ... S ... Nobody really knows ... gathering intelligence unhindered. He only ordered it shot down over the ocean after it had completed its mission.

Full year after Chinese spy balloon, Biden admin slammed for continued secrecy surrounding craft

New York Post 24 Feb 2024
The giant balloon’s days-long journey across the entire North American continent in early 2023 — which dominated headlines around the world until its remnants were fished out of the ocean off the coast of South Carolina on Feb.

Life on ‘Death Star’? Saturn moon Mimas has hidden ocean

The Jordan Times 23 Feb 2024
“The finding calls for a fresh take on what constitutes an ocean moon,” Matija Cuk of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and planetary scientist Alyssa Rose Rhoden wrote in a comment article in Nature.

How do you breed climate-resistant kelp? In Australia, it�starts with AI

The Star 23 Feb 2024
Climate change has decimated giant kelp in Australia, but scientists are hoping that a Google artificial intelligence initiative can help revive the underwater forests crucial to ocean health and coastal economies. Read full story ... .

Carnegie Clean Energy to Present at Clean/Renewable Energy Virtual Investor Conference February 22nd

Enid News & Eagle 22 Feb 2024
CCE) is a technology developer focused on delivering ocean energy technologies to make the world more sustainable ... The company has a long history in ocean energy with a track record of world leading developments.